Respect Women

We often beg for love, without knowing it’s meaning, without knowing that love happens itself.It is not something that we ask for.We find it hard to detach ourselves from the ones we imagined our future with,and we end up crying every time.We then start to curse our luck,we find it hard to believe that it exists!

All of this happens because there is a lack of self love among us.The idea that we can’t live alone lives inside our mind.We seek closure.

We meet people who are like us.There,we find a person who is special!

We need to stop wandering in search of a home.We need to build a home for ourselves and if somebody is worthy enough to live in that house,we should let them in.

Till then let’s enjoy our own company!

Respect women 😊


You Within You !

You’re the Queen of your World;

Like a caterpillar changes to a butterfly………

And a princess changes to a Queen……….

The girl in you changes to a Woman!

You’re the Queen of your World;

Everything around you seems like changing………

You start planting,then watering your dreams……..

Now the world seems like a hell for you………

Finally but slowly,

You start to harvest them……..

Now the world is a Heaven for you;

You’re the Queen of your World!

Everything around you changed….

Except one; You within You keeps the same!

And yes; You’re the Queen of your World!